Tuesday, May 29, 2007

No More Plates

Well at least for a while. You may recall my post back in November, "I'll Have Another Plate", where I discussed the places I've lived. I've marked them by the license plates that have come off my vehicles.

Now that I've just about finished my office, I've put the last plate up. Hopefully this is it, but then again you never know. My Jeep came with a set of plates, but for some reason Texas decided I needed new ones. I took the old one off and found a place for it. I prefer the front license plate when possible as they generally have the most character. I think Georgia is the only one-plate state I've lived in.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm A Big Boy Now

While I was breaking out the digital camera to shoot my office for yesterday's blog, I looked down and saw my buddy fast asleep. I don't know who he thinks is going to take his bone away from him, I'm certainly not going to chew on it! Like a favorite Teddy Bear, he's now taken to sleeping with it. And yes he has a full size bed.

Baxter paid a visit to the vet last week as all this water he's loving has caused a yeast infection in his ears. Due to the floppy ears, Lab's tend to have this problem as their ear's don't dry out. I just have to make sure and put a drying solution in them each time we go to the creek.

While at the vet, Baxter was put on the scale and he's 62 lbs now. When I adopted him he was 48 lbs. My vet says that he has pretty much done his skeletal growing, now he will just fill out. That being the case, he has moved on to adult dog food.

Next thing you know, he'll be asking for an allowance.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So Blue

I'm back.. no I'm doing ok. Thanks to those of you who were wondering where I am. Things are fine, just not much to post about these days. I promise to get back on things.

I did paint my office the other day. It was "builder white", as it had not been painted in the seven years since my home was built. Lots of my house is that color, but some of it is painted very nicely. I'm not much of a painter, but I'm also not much for white walls either.

I do like the color blue. Not sure what that says about me, but I'll throw it out there. I have a inordinate about of blue clothing and I've had two blue cars in my lifetime. Given a preference, I gravitate towards blue.

But what blue for my office? Why Ford Blue Oval Blue, thank you. It's not easy to come by, I had to do a close match as much as possible. For those of you who know colors the RGB of Blue Oval Blue is 0/75/140 and Pantone 294C if you want to recreate it yourself. I did my best and much patience to my friend Toby while I kept running out to the parking lot of Lowes to find a Ford car to match as color sample too. I'm pretty close.

Now it's time to paint the kitchen...

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Join In

I'm a big fan of networking sites and today I am focusing on two of the professional ones that I belong too. I was excited this week to hear of the launch of professional networking site for the automotive industry. The new site is based out of Germany and the address is www.automotiveK.com. Don't ask me what the "K"stands for, perhaps it's something in German. Bravo for the site not having been built in the U.S. and looking and feeling a little different, while being fully functional.

As many of you who read my blog are in the automotive business, please take a moment to register and help get this networking site off the ground.

The premier professional networking site I belong to is www.linkedin.com. Again, a great site to find people you once worked with and connect to those you are presently working with. I know I've lost touch with people through the years. I've found old college friends from 20 (ack!) years ago. Yes, people will be able to find you as well, but it's hard to escape Google these days and they will find you anyway.

So sign up, look for me, and we'll all stay connected.

Friday, May 04, 2007

All Wet

It's been a while, I know.

It's not that I haven't found anything to do, however lots of it has to do with water. As you can see, and you may have heard, it's raining an awful lot around here.

Digital cameras are wonderful, but not exactly water friendly. I'm really impressed with my Nikon that I bought last fall, but it's not a waterproof model. So I'm reluctant to take it outside.

Baxter loves the water though, I've found a new place for him to play. It's called Bull Creek and it's in North West Austin. Lots of places for doggies to run and play, there's even an waterfall. As I like to jump in an play with him, alas no pictures.

I guess you'll just have to use your imagination or come visit me!