Monday, January 29, 2007

Home Office, Take 2

In my November posts I discussed my home office and how I'm moving back to having one. Here is an updated photo from the new house. The equiptment hasn't changed, but the view sure did improve.

I have now become the Kravits of Balmorhea Lane. I can see the comings and goings while working away. But it's the best view I've ever had in an office. Thankfully the houses across the street are all single story, so at night I can see the lights of Round Rock off in the distance.

It's not the beach, but it ain't bad.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ice Creamed

Day four of inclement weather. There will be no bent sheetmetal today as the roads are just too bad to attempt a run to Houston to pick up the folks. Tomorrow things are going to warm up and I'll get them then.

When I said I had not left the house, I meant I had not left the house. I wandered out to my back deck to cook some chicken on the grill. Much to my surprise, it was covered in two inches of ice. Everything. Including the knobs. Guess I should have invested in the grill cover.

Another slow day, no gym. You can tell how slow it is. Look at the time I've posted this!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow Daze

I didn't sign up for this. I'm farther south then Los Angeles and it's snowing and icing.

Ok, I've been in the house for three days now. Mustang's weren't made for ice and snow. My driveway is covered in ice and I'd never make it up into the garage again. Cabin fever is setting in, but thankfully my friends Toby and Mike rescued me and took me to dinner. Most of Austin is shut down, but for a Chili's. I've never been so thankful for chain food and good company.

So here's the downside of tellecommuting. Most everyone had the day off, but my upstairs hallway is thankfully ice free so I made it to the office today. All the neighbors were out playing with their kids in the snow and I had to do my homework.

Of all the days in the year for the world to come to an end in Austin, my parents happen to be flying in today. Well sort of flying in. They made it as far as Houston and tomorrow I'm headed there to pick them up. NOT in the Mustang, but a soon to be determined rental car.

Keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow's posting does not feature bent sheetmetal.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Round Rockin'

I'm back. And so is the blog. Here are some images from Round Rock. Thanks to E-bay I found a camera cable for about $8.00. I had expected to pay a LOT more.

So more pics to come, hopefully daily. Life here is good.