Monday, December 01, 2008

Year Two

It's a small thing and I only note it on here because this is how my blog had begun, a journey to buy a house in Austin. Today is the second anniversary of the closing of my house. I was not here for it, I arrived the next day.

I finished painting the master bedroom this morning. It's chocolate fudge brown now. It was one of the few rooms in my house that were painted before I bought it. Two years later, the colors are all mine. This is the same photo angle of my house from the listing. If you look back at past December blogs, you'll see the changes in the trees. My how you've grown!

Last night I attended a the first run of Holiday parties. There will be more. Besides the wonderful food and drink, I could not help but be thankful for the wonderful friends I've made in this short amount of time. I'm highly suspect of people who say they can't make friends in this town, it's the friendliest place I've lived.

I'm off this week, forced vacation time. You have to use your vacation or loose it. I'll be doing a few projects around the house.

What a surprise.