Monday, April 27, 2009

My Pontiac

I'm not going to drabble on much here about the passing of Pontiac. I just want to say good bye and make a brief posting as I have some history with the brand. Out of college it was the first car I bought, a 1984 Pontiac 6000STE. Nothing against the car as I really enjoyed it, but I never bought another Pontiac or GM branded vehicle after that. There was never a true successor to the 6000STE, which at one time was one of Car and Driver's Ten Best Cars. The craptacular GM-10 series Grand Prix STE tried to succeed it but failed.

The sadness I have over the passing of Pontiac is for the many fans the brand had. Pontiac did HAVE a performance heritage and today we honor that. When Oldsmobile faded away, it was just remembered for being "old" as it was one of the very original car manufacturers and was in fact older then GM itself. Pontiac will be remembered for the GTO. The innovative Fiero (it's build structure and mid-engine design). And how can I not mention the screaming chicken Trans-Am's of the 70's. Yee Haw! Now Pontiac is a bargain hunter brand for customers with low FICO scores.

Goodbye Pontiac. The consumers have decided your fate.