Thursday, March 19, 2009

Four Oh!

Some birthdays are better then others. This was one of the best. Many thanks to all my friends for making it out last night. It was a school night after all. A few shout outs to Jim and Mike for driving me around last night. Tom supplied the camera for party pictures, such as the one above. And a big huge Texas sized thank you to my buddies Gary and Kurt for putting it all together. The cake was amazing.

We headed to Salk Lick where it takes about an hour or so to seat a party of twenty. But the food was worth it. An all-you-can-eat beef fest. We all went family style last night. I'm still full.

Just a few notes and shout outs. Thank you to my now favorite sibling Lisa who pulled off a Jordan sibling miracle and had my birthday gift to my house BEFORE my birthday. Jennifer did get points for a voice mail of Happy Birthday with charming children singing, but Jen, you gotta deliver the goods... Feel free to try and spend your way to number one sibling, I know how you like to win.

Of course, thank you Mom and Dad for the gas grill.

And a card I will keep for the rest of my life.