Friday, August 10, 2007

Let Me Eat Cake

I know it's been awhile again. I find myself doing interesting things that I like to do, but I hesitate to think that you may find them interesting. I've painted the master bathroom and the guest room. I'm in the process of picking out a color for the kitchen. It's finally hit the high 90's here temperature wise so I'm working on some projects inside the house.

My friend Richard was so desperate for a new posting that he promised me cake. How could I pass that up? He's darn good in the kitchen so he deserves a post and a picture of his creation. I left it in my Jeep last night and I can tell you there is nothing better then a car filled with the smell of cake. I don't think I'll be driving the BMW until the cake smell wears off in the Jeep.

I promise to post more often, though it may make for good bedtime reading if you can't sleep.