Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Next Door

When one door closes, another one opens. They don't mention that sometimes the hallway is a long one. And this time it was. It's been over a year since my departure at Edmunds when my product was discontinued. During that time, I've gone back to school, upped my credentials, upgraded my house, and met some personal fitness goals.

The next door has opened and Sept 2nd I'll be returning to an office. No surprise, I'll be a Project Manager. Well I've obtained my Project Management Professional (PMP) designation and my Certification in Project Management from UT Austin, so I had better. All evidence that education does pay off. The most exciting part is that I'll continue to stay in the automotive data business. I'll be managing IT projects for Austin's homegrown automotive data provider, Digital Motorworks. I could not ask for anything better anywhere.

So life will change a bit for me and my boys. I've been home since December 2006. When I adopted my dogs, I was always here to be with them and play, let them out, feed them. The snuggle with me on the couch for my afternoon nap. But now I'll be gone for most of the day so to accommodate them, I've installed a "doggie door". They can come and go as they please, although they have not figured that out yet. Baxter took to the door instantly but only when I told him to come in/out. Logan is a little more timid about it. In good time they will get it.

Tomorrow I head out to see my parents for a week. It will be a while before I get vacation time to see them. Then a few last days of goofing off here in Austin and prepping the dogs and the house for my no longer being around as much as once was. I'll miss being master of my own schedule for sure.

But when you do what you love you never go to work. Looks like I missed out on working again.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Express Myself

A few weeks ago I received a big envelope from our local Triple A baseball team, the Round Rock Express. It was a little suspicious as I had not asked for anything from them, nor was it addressed to me. So I opened it. The handwriting was pretty bad on the envelope so I know why it came to me, the house number and zip code matched.

It was a batch of tickets for a local Girl Scout Troop to have a evening watching a game and camping out on the field at night. Well not wanting bad Girl Scout Karma, I called the team and spoke to Gregg Miller who was wondering what happened to the tickets. He made good to the Troop and the tickets were replaced. For my efforts, he gave me four tickets to the game of my choice.

The game was today and I took my friends with me. Unofficially it turned out to be the hottest day of the summer, with highs hitting 104. Not sure if it made it or not, but it really didn't matter. There was a good breeze and cold beer so all was well with the world. When you sit down, 104 is not bad with a beer in your hand.

It was fun, had not been to a baseball game here. The stadium, Dell Diamond, was really nice. There was a lot to do and of course a lot to eat. When you think Triple A, you might think of wooden bleachers and stale hot dogs. This was not the case, it was a much smaller stadium, but as nice as the big league parks I've been too. Of course being in Round Rock, the people were nice and polite, kids were running everywhere, and the parking was only five dollars. Life here is easy.

Last month Money magazine named Round Rock, number seven on it's best places to live and I can see why. Having lived in Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles, life is pretty easy here. Kids leave their bikes in the yard at night and they are there in the morning. Sure, the stores close at 10:00 and funky/interesting is 12 miles away in Austin.

I'll take it.