Friday, March 28, 2008

Casey Jordan, PMP

I'm too tired to hunt for a picture, so if I can't catch your attention with text, oh well. Next time.

Back in September I began the certification process for becoming a PMP, Project Management Professional. There are three requirements you must meet to obtain this designation from the Project Management Institute. First, work experience. Ok that's an easy requirement to meet. Second is education. Off to UT to accomplish that, done. Then comes the 200 question, four hour examination. Today I finished that. It's simply pass/fail. I passed.

I hate tests, always have, always will. I can write a paper whose beauty of prose will bring a tear to your eye, even if the subject is retirement planning. Projects, no problem. Tests, well... $#%@$#%^####$%@$%^&&&$%!!!!

Multiples choice was never like this. All answers are to be the BEST answer. Let me repeat that, the BEST answer. Oh, and you remember, out of four, two were easily dismissed and one was the best choice after logical deduction? Not here. Two or three are generally correct. I won't even get started on what the math portion is like. But you can imagine how the test sadists toyed with that.

But it matters no more. The test is done, and it's forever. (Provided I keep up the continuing education) My eyes are tired. My formerly hunched shoulders are tight.

Off to the hot tub, for it's a good night.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Pure Energy

Wind chill factor is not something that's normally brought up in Central Texas, but it sure was the topic of conversation this afternoon. My friends Kurt and Gary, along with yours truly, braved the elements to attend Hillary Clinton's last rally before Super Tuesday number two. It was 50 degrees outside but with the wind blowing the wind chill was down to the 40's. We waited outside for an hour.

The line stretched out for quite a bit despite the cold temperatures. I certainly had plenty of time to think about things while trying to use Gary's enormous shoulders as a wind block. On Sunday's Meet The Press it was clear that everyone expects Hillary to drop out if she looses Texas and/or Ohio. But given the spirit and dedication that this crowd was showing, I can see why she pushes on. It's not just her own ego, it's the support she receives. The conditions and wait made everyone uncomfortable, but the enthusiasm was still there.

Inside the venue was crowded and like a concert, there was a warm up act. No, it's not a cover band or semi-funny comedian. It's other Democratic leaders building up the crowd and selling Hillary. Selling her on many lines that she cannot say herself. But that's politics. Tearing the other person down and building yourself up. It's odd we don't interview for jobs like this, as the election process is pretty much a job interview.

No matter what you think about Hillary Clinton, she is a historical figure and it's always a experience to see someone of this stature in person. Television snippets only do so much. The roar of the crowd, the reaction of your bleacher mates and the energy are hard to duplicate. Television just doesn't do it justice.

So Hillary came on stage. She brought Chelsea with her. Along with Ted Danson and Mary Steamburgen. I don't know why those two were there, unless there's a demographic that they have undo influence on. Everyone left the stage and it was Hillary alone. Nothing new, I've watched the debates. I think I spent too much time trying to get a decent picture then listening. Drat my Nikon CoolPix for not finding a correct aperture and shutter speed for that location. I took 47 pictures and nothing really came out on all different settings.

Tomorrow is the "Texas Two-Step" primary voting. I have to caucus at 6:45pm as I have early voted. As they say in Chicago, "Vote early and vote often." Despite what you think about Texans, support for the Democratic Party does exist.

Lines to use the Men's room at a Hillary rally do not.